Preparing For your Float

A few simple tips and suggestions to get the most from your float

Some Simple Guidelines

  • Drink some water before you float to avoid dehydration, we supply filtered water for free
  • Be sure to use the bathroom so as to float free of distractions
  • Avoid caffeine, cigarettes and energy drinks. These take you out of float state.
  • Eat a light meal a couple of hours before, nothing too heavy.
  • Some people like to wear a swimming cap to keep the hair dry though we do have shower facilities to wash out the salt afterwards.


  • Avoid shaving, legs, beards, anything. The salt water will irritate even the smallest of sores.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to avoid stress and feel free to stay a while afterwards.
  • We have a room with free teas and water where you can sit with introspection.